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Reviews mainly collected by email and Facebook

Would you like to leave a review? You can do this by sending an email with your experience to or via the link receive reviews in my Google company profile.

25.05.2024 : Erwin

"Fire In The Woods. In early December '21, I buy it as a Christmas present for myself. It felt absolutely right.

Regularly I pause on a chair next to the entrance door to watch it. It's like it keeps me awake and on my toes. And then once in a while, tears of gratitude come for the kick under my behind when that quarter-century relationship broke up. Now three years later, I realize why this canvas had to be with me.

Fire In The Woods symbolizes my journey where I am now touched and moving forward, seven years after the relationship breakup with the mother of our son. The burning forest chases me to a clearing with the sky blue above. It propels me forward. The forest reminds me of the darkness I wandered in for years. In which I finally reach a clearing with the sky blue sky above. There is always light in the darkness. Also, the blue spot at the top of the canvas seems like a gateway to another dimension: through my trainings, a new world opened up to me. A world I never suspected could become mine. A world of light and love. The use of color: blue is my birth color and according to astrology, red-orange is the color that makes me dare as well as do more."

09.03.2024 : Nancy

"We are happy with the paintings, finally a little color in our living room, thanks."

20.02.2024 : Joke

"With this my painting is finally hanging up. It was a super fun workshop so I am now going to make 1 more for the bedroom 😉"

31.07.2023 : Damaris

"It were the colorful paintings that brought us to Sigrid. Yet we were drawn to a very different work. Black and white, a powerful canvas where you keep discovering something new. It fits perfectly in our living room and gives me a warm feeling every time."

12.07.2023 : Martine

"We were looking for an artwork for our sleek and minimalist house in Spain. With this work it was love at first sight, it not only brought color to the whole but at the same time it exudes a dynamism that you can keep looking at. It is a true centerpiece in our interior that also provokes a constant reaction from our many guests."

05.12.2022 : Benny

" We had to wait a while but we had said that from the beginning that we absolutely did not mind. Now that the painting was delivered yesterday and we saw it we both had the same feeling", Sigrid has sensed us well. Thank you Sigrid, we are incredibly satisfied with it 😍😍😍😍"

15.05.2022 : Sylvie

Atelier in Beeld weekend " Beautiful work, beautiful energy, beautiful woman! Thank you for shining your light on the world !"

28.02.2022 : Markant

" Dear Sigrid, What an incredible evening you have offered us! Everyone is full of praise for your work and enjoyed your fantastic workshop! Congratulations and thank you so much for everything!! Inge & Mieke on behalf of Markant Zuidrand."

09.11.2021 : Linda

" From the moment I saw the first works, I immediately knew, one day I will find the work of art for me here. And when “Floating“ appeared, I was immediately sold - and the painting too - to me 😀. It now shines in my living space and I am happy that I can admire it every day."

26.09.2021 : Katia

" We were able to experience a very nice workshop at Sigrid. A very sweet lady with a lot of talent. In real life her paintings are even more impressive than in the photo. Definitely worth getting acquainted with the works and herself. Thank you Sigrid for this fantastic experience! See you soon and keep it up 😉😘"

28.06.2021 : Els

" Yesterday I hung the artwork "Change" on our wall in the living room and every time I look at it it gets more beautiful !!!

It makes me happy and energetic, it just radiates. 🥰"

17.06.2021 : Kelly

" Perfect match 😍!! And the name 'Jump they say' couldn't be more eloquent with the path I'm on right now... As if a direct line from above whispered that #synchronicity. Thank you for the expressive creation 😘."

18.04.2021 : Jozef

" Beautiful paintings, with fantastic colours. "

09.01.2021 : Claus

" Wonderful paintings you create ! It's great to have one in our home."

29.12.2020 : Marlize

"It was difficult to choose from so many beautiful paintings. But ours now hangs on our wall.

Very happy ! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to brighten up their home with abstract art."

11.12.2020 : Alain

" Cool new vibe in abstract art, support your local artist I would say !"

08.12.2020 : Ann-Sophie

" I received the artwork 'Céline' as a gift when our daughter was born. Beautiful work, you can see that there is a lot of passion and depth in the painting, just like with all her other paintings. Great job, keep going!"

29.11.2020 : Frank

"If you want to bring home a creative colorful abstract work, you've come to the right artist."

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