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abstract painting, acrylic on canvas, small, unique, buy art from a Belgian artist

Edward Hopper

"If I could say it in words
there would be no reason to paint"

Detail abstract painting Sigrid Bedeer : title You and me


Abstract painter, interior architect, traveller, cat lover

and proud mother of a teenage son.

For me, abstract painting is clearing your mind and operating from your feelings. Feeling what is present in you at that moment, letting go of everything and putting your emotions on canvas with full abandon.

I started my career as an interior architect at an architectural firm in Antwerp. My love for details, colours, structure, perfectionism and coordination talent, gave me a rich learning experience ...

" When things change inside you, things change around you "

Goodbye Edegem and garage/painting studio. Welcome Hove and since May 2023 also a new painting studio at the back of the garden.

A new space, new light, new inspiration and energy, ... I love it ❤️


BEDEAR-atelier-230910-in gebruik.jpg

EXHIBITION in the corridors of 'UZ LEUVEN'

From the beginning of June until the end of July, 30 of my paintings can be found in the corridors of UZ Leuven. During the set-up there were already many nice reactions and conversations with students, doctors and visitors.

When they asked me 'why is it special for you to show your works in campus Gasthuisberg' I answered: how beautiful it is to be able to show your work in an environment where people usually go through a difficult period and in this way you can give them some extra color, energy and love ❤️.

Location : main entrance Campus Gasthuisberg - UZ Leuven. My paintings can be found in the entrance as well as the green and yellow street.

When : from June 3 until July 31

Extra info : click here or watch the movie !!

BEDEAR-abstract-schilderij-2024-women-kamer wit.jpg


✨ Painted with the music of Yael Deckelbaum in the background, late at night (or almost morning) suddenly this painting emerges ... totally different from what I had initially started with 💚

Although the title 'Nightshift' would be appropriate, I was more inspired by the song 'Women of the world unite' 

Title abstract painting : 'Women of the world unite
Acrylic on canvas
Dim. 140 x 140 cm

Reviews mainly collected by email and Facebook

25.05.2024 : Erwin

"Fire In The Woods. In early December '21, I buy it as a Christmas present for myself. It felt absolutely right.

Regularly I pause on a chair next to the entrance door to watch it. It's like it keeps me awake and on my toes. And then once in a while, tears of gratitude come for the kick under my behind when that quarter-century relationship broke up. Now three years later, I realize why this canvas had to be with me. ..."

09.03.2024 : Nancy

"We are happy with the paintings, finally a little color in our living room, thanks."

31.07.2023 : Damaris

"It were the colorful paintings that brought us to Sigrid. Yet we were drawn to a very different work. Black and white, a powerful canvas where you keep discovering something new. It fits perfectly in our living room and gives me a warm feeling every time."



12.07.2023 : Martine

"We were looking for an artwork for our sleek and minimalist house in Spain. With this work it was love at first sight, it not only brought color to the whole but at the same time it exudes a dynamism that you can keep looking at. It is a true centerpiece in our interior that also provokes a constant reaction from our many guests."

For me, abstract painting is clearing your mind and operating from your feelings. Feeling what is present in you at that moment, letting go of everything and putting your emotions on canvas with full abandon. The result is sometimes amazing and cannot be predicted in advance.

Below you will find an overview of my abstract paintings, for which you can request a price without obligation.

If you too would like one of my unique paintings and want more colour on the wall in your home or office, send me a message and we will look at the options together. Whether you’re thinking of something large or small, with bright or softer colours, or alternatively, we could discuss a completely bespoke work.  

All my works are for sale and can be viewed under the heading Artshop. If you would you like to come and visit in my studio in advance, that can also be arranged !

If a work resonates with you or stirs something in you, I would like to hear from you.

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