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After studying interior architecture at the Henry van de Velde Institute, I started at an architectural firm in Antwerp. In 2018 I was in need of a new challenge and decided to take a different path, followed a number of courses, workshops and made beautiful and inspiring trips.

In my search I followed courses on personal development as well as singing, dance (tango) and intuitive painting.

See an overview under Inspirations at the bottom of this page.

Abstract painting allowed me to get more in touch with my feelings and gave it a new direction. My abstract paintings use bright colours, radiate energy, and sometimes show an inner quest, as well as a lot of passion and love ... When you listen to your heart, your intuition unfolds.

Sigrid Bedeer, abstract schilder bij BE DEAR, Belgisch kunstenaar, kat Ebony houdt alles mee in het oog
Sigrid Bedeer, vakantie in Mandali Retreat center Italië, lake Orta, abstract schilder, Belgisch kunstenaar

That is where the name BE DEAR comes from. It is derived from a combination of my family name, Bedeer (°1971), and ‘being dear’ – a call to be sweet-natured, first of all, towards yourself. The gold is a reminder to shine your light or show yourself and live your life to the fullest.


My business card also features gold. Thanks to the good care taken by Kontich-based printer Baskerville, the cards have quite a stylish appearance and the gold brilliance comes into its own. Many thanks!


The colourful painting in the background can be found in my portfolio under 'abstract paintings 2020', entitled Corona Inner War.


Sometimes you need that extra push to dare to shine...

" BE GOLD  -  BE BOLD  -  BE YOU "



This golden colour, or brilliance, can also be found in some of my works: You and me, Left Wing in the Dark, Universe 1, Connection 1, Connection 2 and Céline. I made the latter work as a gift on the occasion of Céline’s birth. To welcome this little miracle to this world, I let the colours of her birth announcement card inspire me. It became a small painting made with a lot of love and it recalled for me the birth of my own son …





In recent years, I have met many beautiful people and discovered locations that have helped reinforce my growth. I am grateful to everyone for their contribution, patience and insights, and I am impatiently looking forward to more. Have a look at their sites and perhaps you will discover something that will bring you one step closer to yourself, your goals and your dreams.

Courses & workshops:

Experiences :

Reading :

And all the dear friends and family who always believe in me. Namaste ❤️

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