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Making a painting for a mother 💚 and her daughter 💖. Nice commission, but turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Two different desires, color palettes and personalities. At the start of the work, I had two halves on the canvas that I couldn't get united. So I let it rest for several weeks and stared at it regularly ... Until I thought, I'll do something and if it goes wrong, I'll start again. Maw when you let go of control and dare to make mistakes, suddenly the end result comes out anyway. Phew 😅

Why the name 'troubled waters' ? Well the mother / daughter relationship is not always obvious and provides beautiful mirrors. You wish your children the best and want to keep them from making mistakes, but you learn from mistakes and you need them to grow. This title first came to my mind and when I look at the painting, I also see the image. Does this title feel negative to me ? No, ... is just reality and also beautiful which road we travel alone and together 🙏.

Troubled waters

  • 160 x 80 cm

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