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Abstract painting that I made for my career coach : 'put your different parts on canvas and be amazed by the result'.


- the 💛 symbolizes my little girl, ... crazy, wild, playful, casual and carefree, dancing and singing

- the ❤️ symbolizes the warmth, softness, as well as my fierceness and the ardent desire for more

- the 💙 symbolizes my drive, action and knowing that I can do anything if I just believe in it

- the 💟 (substrate and basis of the work) stands for the light, the peace and the confidence that I need to put something on canvas and let everything go


When I look back on it, these are also the colors I always reach for in my clothes. Coincidence ? I don't think so.


The painting has a black wooden frame with an emphasized joint.

this is me

  • 115 x 75 cm

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