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😅 It's always exciting to deliver a work that you have commissioned...

Did I listen carefully, is this what they had in mind (I don't know in advance what the result will be) and so far it always works out 🤞. If I don't think too hard about the result and let the words and colors that the customer specify do their job, the result is a bull's eye 😍.

P. and B. came to take a look at my Open Atelier in May and were looking for an abstract black and white painting. They had time (always dangerous working without a deadline 😜) and thought my story and paintings fit what they were looking for.

After a visit to their home and the necessary information (colours, extra wishes = structure, a few key words and a touch of music), I let it mature for a while. Between moving and the exhibitions and it has become a work with different layers and a touch of gold 💛.

It's so nice when you get positive reactions upon delivery and see that what you've incorporated into it and the story you bring touches them. Happy clients = happy me 💕

The only way is up

  • 160x120 cm

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