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It became 24 mini paintings that together form one whole 🤩. Painted together, but each unique in itself and a little different in color composition. A wave and explosion of colors and energy, which we can all use in these dark days.


They are offered under this section asa whole. If you are interested: send me an email at


A detail image of each of the 24 paintings can be found under the Artshop or 'Portfolio paintings 2023', where they were split into 4 groups of 6 works each.


Some extras :

-  Each painting can be individually provided with a frame in black/white lacquered wood or natural wood, frame with passe-partout, ... (can also be added afterwards)

-  shipping by post


All works include:

-  hanging system and matt varnish layer

-  signed and a certificate of authenticity

Pieces of me - overview

  • 180 x 120 cm (or 24x 30x30 cm)

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