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My contribution to The Colorfield Performance 2023 in Elst / The Netherlands, painted on Friday 7/7. What a nice group of artists and fine organization.


It was certainly a dive into the unknown and a challenge! Painting a panel of 122x122 cm in one day, at a temperature of 30° (paint dries faster than you can paint 😅) and with the public / visitors, but we did it. I had already tested this color palette 💙🧡❤️, which gave me the peace to let the rest arise.


On the site in Elst Park Lingezegen, 500 panels are arranged in a trapezoidal shape. Every day (except Mon and Tue) 6 to 8 artists paint next to each other. The whole will be ready by the end of August and can be viewed until the end of September 2023. Definitely worth taking a look.


Colorful abstract painting. Beautiful in a sleek white interior or office space.


Dive into the deep end

  • 122 x 122 cm

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