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And… she does it again. Commissioning a painting and providing a second version 😜.


This client asked me to make a painting for her new office space. She had seen another work of mine on my website 'You and me' with yellow, green and gold and asked me if I could make something similar. The problem then is that I unconsciously fixate on this work and therefore don't dare to create fully. So when the painting was done I didn't feel it and made a second one. Also with the same colors, but lighter and also pink. Why pink? I don't know, but my gut told me it could be softer 🤔.


When I went to hand over the painting, there was that stress moment again. She liked the first painting, but with the 2nd she spontaneously said 'Ohh yes, I like this one' ❤️. What a nice moment when everything falls into place.


  • 80 x 70 cm

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