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I've been drawn to spray cans for a while now . Why ? Because I've never done it before and I'll definitely give it a try 😜.


As with any new challenge or new painting, it has to mature for a while and there are a lot of loopholes and obstacles before I get started on it.

1)  finally bought spray cans during Black Friday (in Nov.), ... so that's a while ago,

2)  yes, but it's so cold in my garage!

3)  and how do you start?


There is a solution for everything: put on walking shoes + a double pair of socks, a small heating element, strong music to get warm and finally gloves, because those spray cans were really cold.


And don't forget a decent mask for the vapors. 👽 It wasn't visible, but it was effective.


Super fun to do!!

A new movement

  • 80 x 120  cm

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