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23 January to 6 February 2021

My piece, entitled Fire in the woods will be exhibited at the nineth edition of Achter Glas in Hove, which this year has the theme Inspiring FIRE. Who will be temporarily taking this work into their home remains unknown, but this artwork will definitely be there !

Achter Glas is a biennial, whole-street art project, organised by residents living on Mortselsesteenweg in Hove.


The initiative came into being in 2005 when residents decided to bring some artistic light into the dark winter days. The concept is as simple as it is unique: to create a street museum for 14 days!


The windows of houses at the narrowest part of the street are transformed into illuminated display windows for some 30 artists, inspired by a particular theme. People stroll down the street to look at the artworks through the neighbours’ windows, which are illuminated from dusk until 10:00 pm. Art in the street is for the enjoyment of passers-by, walkers, residents, visitors and artists.


The windows are the eyes of the houses. They are points of vulnerability and revealing something about each resident. Together with the front doors and facades they form the “face” of the street for passers-by. Aware of the impact on the ambiance of the neighbourhood, the residents present their art project Achter Glas.



Location : in the narrow part of the Mortselsesteenweg in 2540 Hove (Antwerp). But also in the Sint Laurentius Church and behind the windows of the De Markgraaf municipal cultural center.





Update January 23, 2021 : ATV (Antwerp Television) came to take a look !!

It turned out to be a nice report in which my work was featured a number of times. Thank you ATV ❤️.

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